Music Canoe

Music Canoe is a streaming music client for JRiver Media Center (

  • Reliable streaming from your home server running JRiver Media Center
  • Play local files when present and metadata match
  • Updates server with now playing information
  • Interfaces with Bluetooth remote control clients and Pebble watches
  • Interfaces with apps that implement the Scrobble Droid interface (Simple Scrobbler is my scrobbler of choice) for scrobbling to or
  • Intuitive layout
  • Modern Design

Requires JRiver Media Center running on your home server

Become a beta tester at

Media Center task bar

Integrates Windows 7 features progress state (either currently playing track or progress in playlist) and Cover Art thumbnail preview into JRiver Media Center

Current Features

  • Thumbnail preview can use cover art
  • Track or playlist progress can display in task bar
  • Track Artist and Track Name can display as "Track Artist - Track Name" in task manager
  • Jumplist support for playlists


  • Add video preview in thumbnail preview when playing a video
  • Install via Media Center package
  • Provide fix for default Media Center buttons disappearing
  • Add ability to rate items to either Jumplists or to the preview

Image Created by Markus K├Âltringer

from the Noun Project